Sunrises and Sunsets

This particular gallery showcases some of my favorite work, simply because I love capturing the natural beauty of sunrises and sunsets.  Each entails a new lesson to be learned.  Sunrises offer the opportunity for new beginnings and endless possibilities.  Life has so many fleeting moments of happiness and fleeting moments of pain, but I find it comforting to be reminded by nature that there are endless chances to begin again and start new.   
No matter how a day unfolds, it always has the potential to end in a beautiful way. Sometimes a sunset can be a celebration after a great success, and sometimes it can offer hope for tomorrow after a day of struggle.  It's easy to get caught up in regrets of the past or unknowns of the future, but I feel like every sunset grants us a chance to return to "living in the moment".
 If things become overwhelming, glance at these photos and be reminded that
the sun sets every night, and it will rise again tomorrow. 



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