Lindsay Toia is a nature and landscape photographer who enjoys capturing the ever-changing scenes of New England and beyond from a creative perspective.  She can be found climbing over sand dunes to photograph a sunset reflecting over the ocean, or crouched down next to a wildflower on the side of a dirt road. There is a strong sense of passion and emotion behind every photo that she takes, whether it is an entire landscape, or simply a minor detail of it.  She sees beauty everywhere in the natural world and enjoys capturing it from different angles, and she constantly experiments with new ways to portray Mother Nature's greatest gifts.

Lindsay lives in Ridgefield Connecticut and enjoys traveling to the coasts of Rhode Island and the island of Nantucket with her family.  She is also fascinated with New York City and Boston Massachusettes, where she continues to explore new angles, swapping out trees with the Empire State Building and other skyscrapers as her subjects. 

In addition to photography, Lindsay has been competitively figure skating for over ten years.  Her coach Natalie Buck mentors her in both skating and photography, as she is an International Award Winning Fine Art Photographer (her website can be found here.) Natalie has taught Lindsay how to evoke emotion in her work, both on the ice and behind the camera.  

Lindsay is also the creator of Nantucket Street Style, an Instagram Blog Page dedicated to showcasing the preppy-yet-innovative style of the island.  Check it out here

When she isn't at the rink, taking photos, or blogging, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and puppy "Coco", and listening to Taylor Swift music. Lindsay recently visited Swift in her Rhode Island home, see photos below!! :)

Lindsay Toia Courtesy of Natalie Buck Photography
Lindsay Toia, courtesy of Natalie Buck Photography


Westerly, Rhode Island.  
Behind the Scenes photo of Lindsay capturing
the beautiful scenes displayed in the Sunset Gallery

Watch Hill, Rhode Island - 10.19.17

Lindsay with Taylor Swift in her home after meeting her family and dancing to her then- unreleased album reputation!